Friday, January 22, 2010

Lunch on the go!

Yesterday I had to eat lunch on the run so instead of my usually yummy hot containered food, I had to have a sandwich.

2 mini pitas, 150g extra firm tofu, 2t spicy mustard, sf b&b, 1 light cheese wedge

SO YUMMY! I think next time I will marinate the tofu as it tasted kinda like.... well tofu :D

After I ate I went on a training walk at work (that is why I had to eat on the run) and burned 300 cals. The whole meal only had 305 so that was gone soon. I think I need higher cal lunches on days I do those walks!

Eat Well!


Lunch Buckets said...

Wet tofu. Hmm. What is sf b&b? It's makin' me crazy! Crazier.

Healthy Lunches said...

Hee hee sorry! It is sugar free bread and butter pickles! I am diabetic and can't have traditional pickles:) I track all my food on a huge spreadsheet and sometimes use shortcuts when writing it out. I need to remember that other people don't always get that :D